PatrickTopia Redesign

The Project

Over time the front page had been overwhelmed with added widgets and lacked a clear hierarchy in its organization. There was far too much visual noise and as Creative Director I had the opportunity to bring some much-needed updates to the primary user experience.

What I Did

Through collaboration with our metrics analyst and content producers, I was able to prioritize what was important to our users. Experience with our client clarified our communications objectives. Using this information, I cleaned up the clutter and better met the needs our client and users while modernizing the site's appearance.

What I Learned

I was reminded of the value of consulting with my colleagues and drawing from their expertise. I was able to have much more confidence in my informed decisions to remove or rearrange features thanks to their input. redesign comp

The final comp for the updated home page. I finished the design shortly before my departure from the team, and it was developed and deployed some months later without many major changes. redesign Hot Topic comp

The "Hot Topic" widget had previously been used constantly to push topics that weren't particularly "hot." I re-imagined it as a pushdown with real visual priority that was meant for infrequent usage.

Old front page

For reference, this is a truncated screen shot of the previous iteration of While the core of the design was strong, the page's frame, lack of visual hierarchy, and overwhelming number of elements contributed to a cramped and confusing feeling.