PatrickTopia Mobile

The Project's mobile support was constrained to an iOS app and an ancient WAP-friendly mobile site. A future-friendly template for using's most important features was needed.

What I Did

I designed a new mobile homepage, article template, search page, media browser, and navigation scheme.

What I Learned

So far this is the most extensive piece of mobile work I've had the chance to take on and I relished the opportunity. Designing for touch and small-high PPI screens was a fresh challenge and I carry the experience with me, attempting to make my designs mobile friendly wherever possible. mobile news page

Design for the front page of the mobile site. Though I wasn't involved, this has been deployed along with the article template. Unfortunate technical constraints outside of the team's control prevented sending mobile users to the mobile site automatically, forcing them to opt in upon visiting mobile navigation

The navigation drawer, opened using the button in the top right. mobile article

Mobile article template mockup. mobile search results

Search results on the mobile site, featuring touch friendly toggle buttons. mobile media gallery

Mobile media gallery.