CORE Version 2

The Project

CORE is's custom content management system, used by the team and by Army Public Affairs personnel around the world. When the time came for a major overhaul, it was my task to perform all of the front-end design.

What I Did

I created design comps for the entire interface for CORE Version 2. Sometimes I was given wireframes from the technical team, other times I was left to create new pages from scratch, drawing from interface patterns I had already established.

What I Learned

This might be the largest project I've ever handled, and was my first real experience with extensive form design. I learned about designing for a flexible interface, working with developers to make sure my designs are executed accurately, and much more.

CORE login page screenshot

The updated CORE login page. We use AKO for authentication, a service used throughout the Army.

Comp of package creation in CORE

This is one of the many comps I created for the new CORE. The package creation process was immensely improved in CORE V.2.

CORE page on Create screenshot

The CORE promotional page on I designed some elements of this page (primarly the icons, buttons, and quote area) but it mostly sticks to John Heiner's fantastic original design for Create. The copy text may be informative.