The Projects

I've created much more in the past 7+ years than I've been able to cover in this portfolio thus far. Here are a few select pieces of work I enjoy looking back on, still just a fraction of what I've been lucky enough to create so far.

PatrickTopia face photo

This color-shifting face was meant for one of the many PatrickTopia redesigns I've started in the last few years. The design didn't work out but I still enjoy the effect of the transparent PNG over the animated GIF. Of course the animation would be possible with CSS3 now, but this is the original effect.

iPad game map

I made this map for an iPad game I worked on with a friend. It's been put on the back burner for the time being.

Post WWII Japan site screenshot

The U.S. Army in Post World War II Japan was one I did quite some time ago now and is looking a bit dated, but I think the logo is one of the finest pieces of typography I've put together. You can get a good look on the poster.

Colbert illustration

For fun, I made this vector art of Stephen Colbert with the hope of having it printed on a t-shirt. Some hand screened shirts were eventually made, but I had made the lines much too fussy and thin to print particularly well. It's still a pretty nice piece of art though.

Christmas card illustration

This was a vector illustration I made for a Christmas card a few years back, featuring myself and my special lady friend. I always love getting the chance to work with vectors.

screenshot of PatrickTopia V.2

Here's an old PatrickTopia design I'm rather fond of that I ended up not sticking with because I couldn't get it to work in IE6. Remember those days?