U.S. Army Fact Files

The Project

The Fact Files site contains information about various pieces of Army equipment, including weaponry and vehicles.

What I Did

I did this project long time ago, and the site shows it. It's one of my favorite older sites and continues to be one of's most popular Feature sites. I designed and developed the site, and also created quite a bit of vector art for it, though not every piece of line art is my work.

What I Learned

This was early in my career so I greatly advanced my front-end development skills. I also became very comfortable with Illustrator's pen tool, and was happy to revisit the site in recent years with further expansions, when I got the chance to make even more intricate line art.

Fact Files index screenshot

The Fact Files home page, with links to the various categories of equipment. Some aspects of this site are pretty dated now but I do like the overall feel and the navigation isn't bad either.

Fact Files field protective mask screenshot

A page for a piece of equipment. I'm still proud of a lot of the vector art.

Fact Files line art of a MATV

Probably the most complex piece of vector line art I've created to date.