U.S. Army Rangers

The Project's Best Ranger Competition site was due for an update. I realized that we had an opportunity to make the site about more than just the yearly competition.

What I Did

I conceptualized the new site structure, which now carries general information about Army Rangers in addition to the Best Ranger Competition content that we already featured. I designed and developed the new site.

What I Learned

You don't need to use a lot of images to make a nice looking site. Web fonts are great but have some tricky aspects when implemented.

Rangers index screenshot

The upper portion of the index page. As various interested parties became involved, there ended up being a lot more copy text than expected.

Rangers news page screenshot

The News and Media page.

Best Ranger competition page screenshot

The Best Ranger Competition used to be the primary purpose of the URL, and is now a subsection of the Rangers site with its own sub-navigation.