U.S. News

The Project

I worked for around two years at U.S. News & World Report as the Senior User Experience Designer. I worked with designers, analysts, editorial staff, and the technical team to help keep the success of U.S. News growing.

What I Learned

My work with U.S. News involved every part of the site. I prototyped the updated header, footer, and site navigation structure, created infographics, designed rankings pages, prototyped article templates, created HTML/CSS buttons, visually unified the U.S. News social media presence, designed advertising campaigns, and more.

What I Learned

I learned first-hand the realities of the press's survival in the online space. Coordinating design with a team to push U.S. News forward while maintaining a consistent look gave me practical experience working within an established brand. Infographics honed my technical and storytelling chops while the prototypes I built developed my front-end skills.

Best Online Programs screenshot

The Best Online Programs rankings are one of many rankings created by U.S. News. It was one of the first I was involved in the design of, including the front page, rankings tables, search results, and degree profiles. Other rankings I've worked on include Best Nursing Homes and Best Travel Rewards Programs.

Compass marketing screenshot

This College Compass marketing page was designed to improve sales of the U.S. News College Compass product, which is a subscription service that unlocks more extensive college data and a number of tools. I designed and prototyped a few different sales and marketing pages, and this was the one that performed the best in A/B testing.

Obama Romney sponsorship infographic

This 2012 election infographic made for a fun time in Photoshop.

Olympics infographic

I greatly enjoyed creating the small illustrations used in this Olympics infographic, referencing the style and color scheme of the 2012 Olympics logo. article redesign mockup

The Obamanometer was an editorial idea I realized visually. A series of articles were written in which economic news was scored according to it's favorability for Obama or Romney in the 2012 election.